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It seems we lost the Move option in the Copy or Move Cases

We are on TestRail v6.5.1.1003.

We need to move sections and/or test cases to other projects.

It seems the Move option is not in the “Copy or Move Cases” any more . Copy and Move show shaded then only Copy remains as active and green.

The Help screen shot shows as expected:

When we initially select the Source, Copy and Move are present but inactive.

However, once the test cases are selected, Move is missing. There is not move option in the Also dropdown.

It has been a while since this was last done so I dont know when it changed.
Is there a resolution?




Thanks for your posting! There are no known issues in the current TestRail version we are aware of. We are happy to look into this in detail too but could you please check it once again on the latest build (

Looking forward to your findings !


Be happy to check 1006 once it is available.

We are on the Gurock cloud. What is the release schedule?



Thanks for your post. We make all our release announcements here-

Stay tuned for more updates on the newer releases (bug fixes and enhancements) for TestRail (cloud and server).



Hi, just checking since you said it’s been a while …

Are you in the project or suite you want to move the items TO when you click the copy icon at the top?

If so, then when you get to the second image you posted, “Source” … select the project/suite that has the items you want to move/copy

Then at the bottom right you should see a list of the sections from the project/suite you started in and can select where you want to put the items.

Hope this helps.

How do I MOVE the selected to the Target (in this case a different suite). The only option here is Copy. And Yes the 3 blue check section were COPIED to the Target.
Are you applying the APPEND TO designate a MOVE? That is not implicit. That is just a location.
Where did the Move button go? See original screen shots.
The below screen shot is the same are your Help screen shot (top image) but they are not the same. Yours has a Move button.

We are on the cloud version of TestRail.
Our screens do have both the Copy and Move buttons. Both are working and so is the Append.
Wish I could be of more help.

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Funny, we are supposed to be on the cloud version. I sent an email to support.


Hey Larry,

Are you still not able to see the Move option ? I can see your latest email that you’re on TestRail v6.5.3.1001.


Yes. We have to copy then re-enable delete to remove the source instances. Not desired.

We figured out the issue. The manager removed Delete permissions after an incident. Apparently the Move button is considered a Delete.


Good to know. Thanks for the update!!

Glad to hear that !