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Issues with the "Copy or Move Cases" feature


Hey guys,

First of all, love the service! really helping me control my team.

I have 2 different projects that usually have some similar tests, so I’ve been using the “Copy or Move Cases” feature to copy test cases between the projects quite intensively.
Lately I’ve noticed that this feature started behaving strange:

  1. Say I select around 20 test cases and select to copy only them to a corresponding location in another project. They get copied, but in many cases their order is all wrong. So if for example I had test#1 - test#20, in the new location I now have test#1 - test#7, then test#15 - test#20, then test#9 - test#14 and then at the end test#8…

  2. Say I select several test cases in a subsection (not all the test cases inside that subsection), that are located at the end of the subsection. I then select to copy them along with with the sections (not only the test cases). After the copy is done, I go to the new location and see the sections, but the test cases inside them are not the ones that I selected, but instead the cases from the top of the list of cases at the original location. This means that if I select to copy test#10 - test#20 in a section called “test”, in the new location I will see the correct section name, and inside it test#1 - test#10 instead of what I selected.
    In that case, made the selection using “selection filter” tool.

Also, after I was done copying all the test cases I needed and rearranging them back to the needed order, I noticed that a bunch of subsection folders appeared with a bunch of tests that I didn’t ask to be copied -:frowning:

Btw, would be great if inside the “Copy or Move Cases” feature, when selecting cases to be copied / moved, a click of the entire cell and not just the checkbox would select the cases. Kinda hard to make manual multiple selections with those small checkboxes -:slight_smile:



Hello @bushaaya,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy TestRail :slight_smile:

We will make sure to review the behavior you describe and try to reproduce this here. Does this only happen if you make the selection via the filter and not manually or does this happen in both cases?




Well, strange enough it stopped happening altogether…
so now I am only left with the 1st issue I listed -:slight_smile:



We will make sure to review this on our side and thanks again for reporting this :slight_smile: