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Issue with TestRail/Jira Integration on Chrome

We are running Testrail on prem with php 7.3 with Jira cloud and it does not work.

Do we need to downgrade to 7.2?

Hi @sjpknight Any feedback on the question above?

Hi @ezraw - sorry, this fell off my radar due to some other priorities.

I am led to understand the problem lies with a file that doesn’t get shipped with on-premise installs because it breaks cookies in HTTP/PHP 7.3 situations.

The quick/easy(dirty) solution for now is to add a cookie.php file to your app/config folder, containing the following:

$config['secure'] = true;

For future server installations on => PHP7.3, we’ll need to introduce a way to create that file during the installation process and some admin config to turn it off again if HTTP is being used.

I hope this helps. If you have some further issues or need more support, I’d recommend emailing the support team via



We came across this as well when using:

  • On-premise TestRail with Docker-Compose -> testrail/apache:6.5.4 (PHP 7.2)
  • On-premise JIRA version -> Jira v8.5.1

I’ve submitted a ticket to Support but thought I would reply here as well to see if anyone has a server-side fix yet.

From reading the above thread, it doesn’t appear there is a fix yet for on-premise Jira and PHP 7.2

So at the moment, we only have client-side workarounds:

To fix on Chrome :

  1. This appears to be an issue on Chrome 87.x
  2. Paste this in Chrome: chrome://flags/#same-site-by-default-cookies
  3. Set SameSite by default cookies to: Disabled
  4. Restart Chrome

To fix on Safari :

  • This appears to be an issue on Safari 13.1.x
  • Go to Safari Preferences (Cmd+,)
  • Go to Privacy
  • Uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking”

To fix on Firefox :

  • This does not appear to be an issue in Firefox 81.x
  • No fixes were necessary

To fix on Opera :

  • We do not have a workaround yet – still working on it.

Thanks, we’ll give this a try and let you know.

Really this? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It’s 2020, certificates are free and automated. Shouldn’t HTTPS be a requirement?


Yes, you’re right. It should be. Let me pass your feedback to the relevant team.


Hi @sjpknight,

I emailed Support as you advised but they haven’t been great in understanding the issue at hand with same-site cookies.

Do you know if there is a fix or update available to address this issue? We are running on-prem TestRail v6.5.7.1000 with php v7.2.24 and on-prem Jira v 6.3.12.

You mentioned adding a cookie php file in your above reply. If we upgraded php to v7.3, would this work if there is no other solution at this time?


Thanks @sjpknight - That fixed it for me! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Any update on this issue and when PHP 7.3 will be officially supported by TestRail?

We see that PHP is still set to 7.2 on the 6.7.2 Docker image from TestRail -