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Issue with TestRail/Jira Integration on Chrome

We are running Testrail on prem with php 7.3 with Jira cloud and it does not work.

Do we need to downgrade to 7.2?

Hi @sjpknight Any feedback on the question above?

Hi @ezraw - sorry, this fell off my radar due to some other priorities.

I am led to understand the problem lies with a file that doesn’t get shipped with on-premise installs because it breaks cookies in HTTP/PHP 7.3 situations.

The quick/easy(dirty) solution for now is to add a cookie.php file to your app/config folder, containing the following:

$config['secure'] = true;

For future server installations on => PHP7.3, we’ll need to introduce a way to create that file during the installation process and some admin config to turn it off again if HTTP is being used.

I hope this helps. If you have some further issues or need more support, I’d recommend emailing the support team via



We came across this as well when using:

  • On-premise TestRail with Docker-Compose -> testrail/apache:6.5.4 (PHP 7.2)
  • On-premise JIRA version -> Jira v8.5.1

I’ve submitted a ticket to Support but thought I would reply here as well to see if anyone has a server-side fix yet.

From reading the above thread, it doesn’t appear there is a fix yet for on-premise Jira and PHP 7.2

So at the moment, we only have client-side workarounds:

To fix on Chrome :

  1. This appears to be an issue on Chrome 87.x
  2. Paste this in Chrome: chrome://flags/#same-site-by-default-cookies
  3. Set SameSite by default cookies to: Disabled
  4. Restart Chrome

To fix on Safari :

  • This appears to be an issue on Safari 13.1.x
  • Go to Safari Preferences (Cmd+,)
  • Go to Privacy
  • Uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking”

To fix on Firefox :

  • This does not appear to be an issue in Firefox 81.x
  • No fixes were necessary

To fix on Opera :

  • We do not have a workaround yet – still working on it.