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Issue with limit of number of cases displayed in test suite


Is there a limit (other than the maximum pagination setting of 750) to how many test cases can be displayed without clicking the ‘show all’ link?

Our installation is set to 750 but on test suites where we have 2000 test cases, it still gives us a link to show the remaining test cases. Clicking that link displays a popup message:
‘An error occurred during the last operation. Please try again or refresh the current page.’

I tried changing the pagination limit in the database by running the following query:
‘update settings set value = 2000 where id = 135;’

but when I go to the suite page I get the following error:
‘An Error Occurred
PHP error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2379777 bytes) in /var/www/html/testrail-2.6.0/sys/core/loader.php at 212’

Is this error implying there is a hard-coded maximum memory size limit in the app or that my server does not have enough memory (4GB)?



Hello Matt,

This is a limitation/setting of PHP and you can increase the memory limit as follows:

That said, it is not supported to increase the pagination limit above the available options in the administration area though because the test suite page may be slow in this case. Please don’t change the value manually in the database. For really large test suites, we usually recommend using the compact view mode to show a single group/section only (similar to the Windows Explorer, e.g.).

I hope this helps!



That fixed the ‘show all’ issue. Thanks!