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Issue with Copy Folders & Test Cases


Just got TestRail and loving it so far. To organize our Test Cases properly, we’ve setup a lot of sections, sub-sections, and put test cases inside of this structure, such as:
Section 1
—Sub-Section A
-----Sub-Sub Section AA
--------Test Case 1
--------Test Case 2

However, when I try to move the entire library sections + test cases to another project, I get this result:
Sub-Sub Section AA
--------Test Case 1
--------Test Case 2

It seems to me that, TestRail ignores moving the sections that have no Test Cases in them. However, we use sections to contain sub-sections… and then we put the Test Cases in the sub-sections. So while there are no test cases in the parent sections, we wish to move them too, in order to preserve the hierarchy… otherwise we lose all of the organization.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I literally have to create 1 dummy Test Case inside each section to make this work properly?



Bump – need support on this please


BUMP AGAIN – Wow, is there any support in this community?


Support from Gurock has been - problematic this that could of weeks which is unusual. Anyone else answering is likely a customer and might have the time to answer. Personally I would have to test it before I could say anything an even then I could only report my results rather than absolutely knowing if that is normal.