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Issue with Add-on for JIRA Cloud



We have JIRA-On demand instance and our JIRA admin has configured the new Testrail add-on from marketplace. He did followings:

  • Add-ons > Searched for TestRail > Activated the add-on
  • Manage ad-on > Configure > TestRail address & Integration Key (he generated the integration key from his Testrail log-in)

Now when I log-in to JIRA with my credentials, it shows Log-in to TestRail under test results. Even though I am logged-in to testrail on other tab, it doesn’t display the TestResult/cases in JIRA?

Is there any other settings we need to do?




Hello Roushan,

Thanks for your posting! Which web browser do you use? Could you please try this another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox? It looks like your web browser blocks/disables session cookies for iframes for some reason and this should look different with another browser. Could you test this please?



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your reply.

I was using Chrome earlier. I tried with IE and now I can see the test-cases, dashboard etc.

I have another question though, can’t we also restrict the viewing of TestRail as per user access/group for JIRA-cloud instance? I think in some post I saw the option to select the user group too, same as project while configuring the add-on, however, I do not seem to find that option at my end.

And, I just noticed something :

  • I have configured the TestRail add-on on Jira Cloud
  • assigned it for a specific project(lets say project A)
  • On JIRA Homepage, it doesn’t show any tab for TestRail
  • if i go to that particular project(project A) in JIRA, it shows a tab for TestRail on Top
  • If I navigate to different project the TestRail tab is not there

However, if i navigate to Homepage on JIRA from project A, it continues to display the tab for TestRail?

I think the TestRail tab should only be displayed on the specific project page (project A) and not on Dashboard.




Hello Roushan,

Thanks for your reply and great to hear that it works now! This might be related to a plugin or cookie setting in Chrome then.

I’m happy to help with your additional questions:

  • The user group feature is only available for JIRA Server as it’s currently not possible to implement this with JIRA Cloud. It’s planned to add this as soon as support for this becomes available.
  • Dashboard: the add-on is shown in this case as a) JIRA can have a project context even on the dashboard and b) this is set to project A. You can verify that there’s a current project context via the Projects menu (you will see a Current Project item or similar). I understand that this can be a bit confusing and we were also a bit surprised at first that JIRA has a project context on the dashboard. The menu is not shown if you selected a project for which the add-on is disabled.

I hope this helps!