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Issue when refining the selected test cases in a Test Run using configurations


I’ve searched the DB and cannot find an entry for this issue. Please let me know if I’m creating a duplicate.

I really like the test planning aspects of TestRail. The ability to use the configurations to organise tests on multiple systems is really convenient for me, however I do have a bug-bear with the Test Cases “As above (select or all)” feature.

I have tests that are specific to OS, or device type, or option card, etc. I created fields in the test that allow me to filter the test cases during planning to match the configuration settings. This is fine for 1:1 mapping.
However for some projects, we’re doing a regression run across many configurations.

What I want to be able to do is to define the complete set of tests at the Plan level (this works fine), then in the different configurations, use the “select” option to tweak the list of tests for those not applicable to that specific config.

What actually happens is that all the master tests are applied or none. If I try to edit the list using the “select” option, there are no pre-selected tests. So I cannot tweak the tests from the master list, and have to remember the same settings I used for each configuration.

Is this a defect or a new feature request? My expectation was that this is how the “Select” option should work.