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Issue: Template Assignment can disassociate projects and remove lists and other properties


We recently upgraded to

I found an issue pertaining to associating fields to a template. If I do not edit existing Projects and Objects, once I save it and re-edit, my project information is gone.

Have a field that is unique, has different projects and has supporting options like a multi-select list, etc

  • note - I repro’d this with the estimate time, system field but the above has a greater impact.
  1. Edit a field which previously applies to all templates.
  2. Select This field applies to the following templates only
  3. Select a template
  4. Save the Field and return to the Customization Screen
  5. Re-edit the field, notice the project and options are blank.

This causes the loss of multi-select lists, etc so I have to cautiously back them up so I can recreate them if I miss the below workaround and loose my information.

In order for this to not happen, I need to edit existing Projects & Options and then save them again, even if I don’t need to change anything within it.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your posting. I just checked this and cannot confirm this behavior and couldn’t reproduce this. Can you check if you have any UI scripts activated under Administration > Customizations?



Yes, we have 4 active UI overrides, they exclude the admin/projects but not the customization and looked to be the issue.

On that note. Is there a way to exclude all pages except the pages wanting to include?
i.e. exclude all admin pages?


Hi Steve,

You can use a whitelist (includes directive) or a blacklist approach (excludes). To include all pages by default and exclude just some pages you can use the following:

includes: ^
excludes: ^admin

I hope this helps!