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Issue Reporter's Name on JIRA via TestRail



After completing the integration between JIRA and TestRail, the reporter’s name of the each opened issue on JIRA via TestRail starts to seem the same as the username, which is used to login JIRA while configurating the integration. I mean, the different users on TestRail try to open an issue on JIRA, the reporter’s names appear same and so, it leads to a confliction related to the reporter’s name. Is there any solution about that?



Hello @bpektas,

Thanks for your posting. By default, the integration only uses the user you configured under Administration > Integration and new issues would be created in the name of this user. If you used the “Configure JIRA Integration” button (or set up the configuration manually with user variables) you can override the configuration per TestRail user under My Settings and set a different username/password per TestRail user:

I hope this helps!