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Issue on setup office 365 based email


Hi, I’m currently review & evaluating TestRail as Test management of my company

During complete installation and initial setup for environment,
I found that currently office 365 based email can’t setup on system with below error message,

It seems like TestRail doesn’t support TLS connection which need to set to use SMTP of office365

and there is no way to change secure method connection on office365

So is there any solution for this case?


Hi Changhee,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail does support TLS/SSL (but not STARTTLS) and port 587 + SSL is a common combination. Can you check without the SSL option checked? Maybe doesn’t actually have SSL enabled on this port. An alternative is to use a local SMTP relay installed on our TR server (and configure ‘localhost’ or similar in TestRail) and this is often used for more complex email setups.



Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I ran into the same issue today and found this discussion while trying to fix the problem. My guess is the PHP v5.6 build installed by the Web Platform Installer can’t negotiate a TLS connection to PHP v5.6 is from 2014, so I woudln’t be too surprised to find it’s TLS support is out of date.

The quick work around is to install the SMTP Server feature on Windows Server and configure it as a SMTP relay following Microsoft’s instructions: How to configure IIS for relay with Office 365.

After configuring my SMTP relay to use an Office 365 mailbox dedicated to Testrail and pointing TestRail to localhost:587 as the mail server (unchecked SSL box in Testrail configuration) Testrail can now send email.


Also worth noting: As of October 31, 2018, Microsoft Office 365 will no longer support TLS 1.0 and 1.1.. So while the SMTP Relay may not be the ideal solution it does at least future proof your configuration when Microsoft retires TLS 1.0 and 1.1 later this year.