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Issue editing test runs fro 1 particular test suite


Project A – has several runs

For the Samsung S4 run, I have not selected any items in CMS-Patient app side


But no matter how many times I de-select it when I open the Test Run, the test case "App Content - Themes and Graphic elements (Patient app) appears

This is annoying, but the bigger problem is that on occasion I am trying to add a Test Case to a run and the system is not allowing me to do so. This issue appears to only be a problem for this Test Suite. Has anyone else had this problem? or has any suggestions as to how to fix the issue?



Hi shoy,

it looks like you are using a selection of test cases in configuration settings (yellow area). Those settings override the test run selection of cases, which is why your changes are not effective. Try deselecting the case in configuration area and then it should work.

I hope this helps,



I will try that now. Thanks for the help