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Is there any way to recover deleted test cases?



My company has been using TestRail for almost a year now. I’ve never had an issue until last night where about 80% of the test cases for one of our projects just vanished. This is probably close to 200 test cases. I had two other remote users training and using my account at the time same time so they could become familiar with TestRail and our projects. Each of them said they didn’t delete anything, and from what I have read there is no way to see the history of test cases being deleted. Is there any way for TestRail to restore our test cases for all projects to some time before this issue happened (everything was fine around 12:30 AM EST today)? Since I never had an issue with anything regarding TestRail, I don’t have a backup or exported test cases myself.



Thanks for your posting and I’m sorry to hear that. TestRail would never delete cases by itself and it could be that one of your users maybe accidentally removed a suite or section, or moved the cases to a different project? If you know one of the IDs of the cases that are missing, please try to search for the case ID via the project search (maybe they just got moved to a different project).

Do you use TestRail Cloud or a local installation? If you are using TestRail Cloud, please send an email to and we are happy to help restore a backup (we take regular backups on TestRail Cloud and can restore a previous state/backup).



Hi there - I am facing a similar issue, were quite a few of our test cases are going missing everyday, and unfortunately as the test cases go missing any of the results associated to the test cases are going to 0% too.

Is there a way to know what is happening as this is proving to be very distressing with test suites going missing everyday.

Awaiting a response


TR does not auto-delete so I would remove all permissions to delete a Suite or Test Case from every user that has that permission and see if the cases stop being deleted. That alone would tell you if someone is deleting them. If so - then there are a couple ways to go to find out how is deleting them.

Ultimate first thing to do is see if someone owns up to it.



Thanks for your reply! As @BGanger mentions, TestRail would never delete any data, and this would be performed by a user in your instance. There currently aren’t any audit logs to determine the user performing this action, but we do have plans to look into adding support for this for a future version to TestRail. The only method to bring these back would be via a restore, and if you need this you can always email us directly at and we’re happy to explain your options then based on your account type.

We would typically just recommend removing the permission for this except for with a very small number of users (or just enabling this after approval has been made to delete something, and then disabling this again after the deletion has been made). This would help avoid any accidental deletions.

Hope this helps!