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Is there any inbuilt report to fetch untested cases for past X days?

I want to find the test cases that havent been executed for the past 1 Quarter. Is there any inbuilt report in testrail that can do this for me ?


Hi Shar,

Thanks for that question, it’s a good one. This functionality isn’t one of the usual types of reports that are built in TestRail, but let me check with our Customer Support Team to see if they have any workarounds.

Stay tuned!



Hey Shar,

Thanks again for your post !

For setting up a report that shows tests within test runs that are still untested, the Status Tops would probably be the best option. You would choose to highlight the Untested Status in the report configuration, and you can filter the runs to include based on the created on date, so you can only report on runs that have been created in the past day, week, month, etc.

And for getting just a general list of test cases that haven’t been included in a test run, that’s a bit trickier.

You can do a very similar report to the Status Tops as well using the Results: Property Distribution report which might also be a good option for you, but again, would only really show tests that are included in runs, and wouldn’t show test cases that haven’t been touched in a while.