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Is there an API, to create Multiple test cases in Test trail

Hi All,

As per the documentation, Im unable to see add cases in the documentation:

So if we have automated 7000 test cases, does it mean we have to call this api 7000 times
Is there any api, to add multiple (test)cases through API.

Harshitha M

Hi Harshitha,
I guess you’re right. There is no add_cases api-call.
Calling add_case 7.000 times might take ages (OK, fibbed a little bit). Not a good idea for me…
This numer of cases is better to be imported from an excel/csv file through the UI.
Probably also to be automated via WebDriver. :wink:


Can we get this addressed, as we are updating test trail daily, during our automation runs daily.

Automating of adding test cases through Web Driver/UI Automation, adds a lot of overhead in maintenance. We are using test trail enterprise edition. I believe addressing this is a good requirement

well, you’re right.
But then it is not up to me. I’m just a former user. :innocent:

In General:
The dynamic and frquently creation of (automated) testcases and TestRail is sometimes not the ideal way.
But I hope you don’t create 7.000 cases day by day. Importing the big chunk and dealing with single api calls for the daily delta sounds applicable for me (IMHO).

Well Thanks for reply.

Could you suggest me any alternate way of creating automated tests, that will be of great help.

oops, I need to correct my former response.
I was just thinking about the Import via the UI, but there is also a way to do so via script.

Check this:

I never tried so, because the Import via Excel/CSV through the UI was suffcient enough for me, but probably a way for you.
Again: To do so on a frequent basis still needs additional steps.

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Thanks, will go through it