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Is there a way users can redirect to project landing page in TestRail?

in TestRail we have different project’s such as project A, project B, project C etc. Group of users are working on project A, some of them are or B and some of them are for all. We don’t have Admin access to restrict that based on access role. Currently users can see all projects.

Is there a way users can redirect to a particular project landing page in TestRail rather than root?

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Hi Rijesh,

While it is possible to limit access and even the ability to view a TestRail project via project level permissions, this does require Admin access. You can find out more about that here:

As for redirecting users, it’s maybe possible by using javascript via TestRail UI Script. But again, implementing a script like this would also require Admin access.

Hi Vu Tran,

Thanks for this info. The user permission looks promising, I think I need to check that.

My question is actually meant for the customisation for users at project level. If I rephrase my question, I have project A, project B, Project C etc where when user A who is member of Project A should get redirected to Project A. I don’t think UI script can do that.

You are correct, the UI Scripts would not cover that functionality. Automatic project redirection isn’t currently available, unfortunately.

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