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Is there a way to update an existing JIRA ticket?



After using TestRail for a while, I have found that the we may nee d a new feature instead of push and add in the add test result popup.

Sometimes I would want to update an existing JIRA ticket’s status and simply adding comment to it by saying “I have tested it” instead of creating a new ticket. In the current 2.6 release, is there any feature or workaround like that I can use?




Hello Cheng,

Thanks for your posting. It is possible to implement this by customizing the Jira defect plugin. You could, for example, add a new field to the Push dialog in which you can enter a Jira issue ID (or select an issue via dropdown). If this field is set, the plugin could add a comment to this issue instead of adding a new issue. Documentation about customizing defect plugins can be found here:

I’m also happy to help in case you have any questions.



I have a very basic understanding of coding, but need to implement this feature. Would you possibly be able to provide me with a code snippet or example of how to get this particular field added. I am the project manager for my team and need to get this implemented so we have a more seamless integration with the tool.


Hello Nicollette,

Thanks for your posting. We are currently designing an improved/enhanced version of the current JIRA integration and we are happy to add this to our wish list. It’s currently not really supported to implement this easily as this would require quite a few changes to the existing defect plugin. You can, however, already add new issues as sub-tasks to existing JIRA issues and this would be supported out of the box:

Is that something that could also work for you?



Hi Tobias, are you aware of any update on this feature request? We’ve recently adopted TestRail and would like to be able to push comments to existing JIRA tickets. Thanks JonG


Hi Jon!

Thanks for your posting. Updating an existing issue is not directly possible from TestRail but you can either jump to the issue in JIRA (via the issue ID link), or add a new JIRA issue as sub-task (with the original issue as parent):