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Is there a way to translate a custom field?


Hi there,

Just checking if there is a mechanism to provide language specific translations for custom fields? (test case fields, test result fields).

I took a look at the following link, but I couldn’t find anything about custom fields.

I assume that the translation cannot apply to the contents of those fields (for drop-down values etc.)?



Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. Translation support for custom fields is currently not available (e.g. for descriptions, labels/names or dropdown values). The translation article would only apply to translation files to translate TestRail’s user interface.



Thanks Tobias.

Any plans when support to do so could be added? We have many more custom fields than built in fields, and doing all this via UI scripts is going to get messy.

I would imagine the syntax for the translation in all.php would be something as simple as:

$lang['custom_the_system_field_name'] = 'Translation Text';




Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your reply. We will make sure to look into this but currently don’t have an estimate for this. Are you mainly interested in translating the field labels/descriptions or also the dropdown values, for example?



Just the field labels / descriptions for now, but in saying that, changing the dropdown values would also make sense in the future.




Thanks, Glenn! I’ve added this to our feature request list.