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Is there a way to resize a image attachment inside TestRail?


Hey there!

Just started using TestRail and I was curious if there was a way to resize images added via the image attachment option? Can markdown be used here to resize the image attachment?



Hello Matt,

Thanks for your posting. The images in markdown text are always rendered a bit smaller so they fit comfortably on the screen in every possible layout (three-pane view, within separated steps, etc.). But you can simply click on an image and it will be displayed with the original size (or what fits on the screen).

I hope this helps!



Ah, okay!

So there is no way to manually resize a image?
Say I have a 128x128 and I wanted to resize it to a 64x64 image in TestRail, without running it photoshop or another image editor, anyway to do that?


Hello Matt,

That’s currently not possible on a per image level but it would be possible to change the general CSS/size for images if you prefer this (with a UI script) and this would affect all images/users. That said, the default size is optimized to work well with all different layouts of TestRail and possible locations where an image can occur so we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this and clicking on an image would also show the image with the original size.

I hope this helps!



I have the same requirement. We use images in test cases. They are displayed in the original size which eventually results in a “big” test case in terms of scrolling.
I suggest a change in the markdown which allows image sizing.
E.g. "! [My image link text](http : // =150x50) ". See also or


Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re happy to look into adding formatting options to our implementation of Markdown, and we add new formatting features from time to time (e.g. the table support with TR 5.0). We’re also happy to look into adding image resizing for a future update as well.



The similar request was made in May 2015.
When will this feature be implemented? Any plans?