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Is there a way to link a test run to a JIRA ticket


Hiya Tobias

we have a set of test cases that are run against certain versions of software, each of these test runs have 1 corresponding ticket in JIRA.

i know we can link individual test cases to a JIRA ticket, but that would mean that on the JIRA ticket for software version 1 we would also see the results for Software version 2 as they both use the same test case.

instead we would like to see the results of a testrun on a JIRA ticket. more or less what we now see in test rail at the top of a run so it becomes something like the picture attached

is that possible?


Hi John,

Sure, happy to help and thanks for the detailed explanation! You can link issues to either test results or cases. The possible combinations/use cases are very flexible and you can link multiple issues to a case or an issue to multiple cases, for example. Linking issues to a test run is not directly possible but as you can link cases to multiple issues, you would still see all relevant results/cases on the issue page. It’s true that this would include results as well for other issues (if they are linked to the same case) but those might still be relevant even if they target a different version in your case. That said, TestRail only displays the latest 5 results by default so you would always see the latest results first and you can see additional details (e.g. test run, milestone, etc.) by expanding the results in the TestRail: Results panel.

I hope this helps!



ty Tobias, not quite what we are looking for, but we will find a way to work within whats possible


Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Please let me know in case any further questions come up, happy to help!