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Is there a way to keep completed Test Plans in backup for more than six months?


I have been managing a team of QA Analysts with Test Rail for about a year now, thinking that all of my closed test plan results would stay there forever. I was surprised to see that my latest backuped results were from June 2016 (we’ve been using it since November 2015).

Is there a way for us to change that time limit of backup? We definitely would want to keep everything for future references without having to physically save them on a server through PDF or XML formats.

  • Our TestRail is Cloud hosted
  • We have a test plan result completed every 2 weeks or so



Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your posting. Old test runs/plans are not automatically deleted (neither on TestRail Server or Cloud) and are kept forever, unless one of your team members has deleted them at some point. So, it’s likely that the runs/plans were deleted as part of a cleanup by one of your team members. Please note that deleting closed runs/plans requires an extra permission regular users don’t have by default. This would limit the number of users who could have deleted the plans/runs and you can check the list of users with that permission on Administration > Users & Roles. If the runs/plans were just recently deleted, you can also find them on the project overview page as part of the project history.