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Is there a way to customize required fields depending on type of transition?


Let’s say for instance that I wanted certain fields to be required when transitioning a test case result from Untested to Failed (e.g. Defect ID). Later when the bug is fixed, I would like to require a different set of (possibly custom) fields:: for example, Version when transitioning from Failed to Retest. The previously input Defect ID should stay with what was set before in the first transition.

Any way to do this?


Hi there,

Currently this is not supported with built-in field options, but we are happy to review this for a future update. In general such per-result options can be potentially confusing for users/testers, as it could be confusing when different fields are required in the same form in different situations. In general something like this could be added via UI scripts if this is critical, but we are also happy to review this as additional options.