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Is there a way to combine projects like a milestone?

Is there a way to combine projects like a milestone? We have different projects that are released together but are separate. I can combine them into 1 project with 2 tests runs and 2 test suites but they are different but related products.

Projects are (currently) designed to be independant from each other.

Projects can be set up almost any way you want. When you set up a project and use the following option:

You can have as many Test Suites as you want. Test Runs have to be created for the specific Test Suite though. You can’t mix the test run between several Test Suites.

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thanks. Our business structure defines the Project is the Product. I know i can do it in 1 project. Just confirming there is no cross project options.



As suggested by @BGanger you can set up project the way you want.

You can also go through the following document to read more about this.

Additionally, you can also check out TestRail Video tutorials on YouTube or training webinars like ‘Starting to Test with TestRail’ to understand it better.

I hope this helps !