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Is there a way to change the size of the "Push Defect" window?


I am customizing the Push Defect window for our use with Fogbugz. We have a pre-populated comment field that we use, but what ends up happening is that the push defect window is too small to really see the entire comment field.

Now I know you can manually resize the comment field in order to see everything, but is there some way to have the push defect window automatically size itself so the entire comment section is visible? We would like to be able to control the default size from within the custom defect plugin, or at least have the window autosize itself so that all text in the comment field is viewable when the user clicks “push”.



Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no option to control the size of the Push Defect dialog or individual text fields. I just added it to our feature request list though and I understand that it would be useful to have.