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Is there a way to change the graph in a project's overview?


We are currently running one project with several test runs within that project. In the project overview instead of seeing all tests (regardless of run) that passed, failed, were blocked, etc etc, is there a view that shows the status of each run?

I know we are capable of running reports that illustrate this, but it would be nice to have this view as we open a project. We want to see something more like this:


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your posting. You would see this overview on the Test Runs & Results tab and this is exactly the same just with horizontal charts instead of vertical and the runs below each other. This scales better if you have many test runs. You can find the same overview on the Milestones tab but for milestones instead of test runs/plans. The project overview/dashboard shows a high-level overview of the most important milestones/runs and a quick project summary/history.



The Test Runs & Results tab only shows active test runs. I was hoping we could have a chart that illustrates past test runs, as well as active runs. This way we can immediately compare our current progress to our past results as we open up a project.


Hi Andrew,

You can use the Summary > Runs report from the Reports tab in this case and this lets you configure a custom selection of runs to include (and shows the overall status). To compare different runs over time, I can also recommend the Results > Comparison for Cases report which shows the results per case across different test runs:

I hope this helps!


I would also like to use a comparison for cases as my default overview.

TestRail’s default overview is nonsensical for Agile software development.

I care about my product, and how many things need to be fixed before I can release. I feel like the current (and unchangeable) overview is test process focused, not product focused.

I do not care that the same test was run 40 times and failed each time. I just want to see which components (or test cases) failed, not how many times they failed.

The current overview creates a lot of confusion when non-technical staff look at it; they seem to each have their own interpretation of what that overview means.

In the meantime, I continue to use comparison for cases, but it’s a bit of a pain, to be honest. I would love to be able to customise the project overview.


Hi Travis,

Thanks for your feedback! The Reports tab has support for many different reports and it wouldn’t be practical to show them all on the project overview page. Many reports from the Reports tab (including the Comparison for Cases report) are quite complex and time-consuming to generate (especially with lots of data) so showing them each and every time you open the project dashboard wouldn’t really be possible. If you find yourselves generating the same report over and over again you can also look into the scheduling features and you can also tell TestRail to automatically generate a report every day, for example: