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Is there a way to bulk-delete reports that have run?


I have a test report that runs on a daily basis. I just came back from holiday and now the Reports section is cluttered with all the reports that ran while I was gone from the office. Is there a way to bulk-delete them, or do I have to do that individually?


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! There’s currently no bulk-delete for reports but TestRail would automatically hide old reports and only show the latest 15 reports per section (shared/private/scheduled) so there’s usually no need to delete reports. You can also look into generating private reports instead of shared reports so other users won’t see those reports on their Reports tab.

I hope this helps!



I’d second this request. I’d love to be able to delete more than one at a time as the reports section just gets too cluttered with old stuff otherwise and I can’t take the time to click delete and confirm for each report individually.


Yep, we are happy to look into this for a future version. Reports automatically disappear from the overview pages after some time (due to pagination), so you wouldn’t really need to delete old reports regularly but I understand that a bulk-delete would still be useful from time to time. Happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks!



Hello Tobias,

Do you have any news about this feature? It would be amazing to be able to delete more than one at a time.



Hello Attila,

Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to look into this feature for a future update to TestRail, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA that we can provide just yet. Happy to add your vote to this request as well.



Would like to have this feature.