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Is there a way to apply values for a new custom field to already-passed test cases in a test run?


We are in the middle of several test runs against a major new feature release (let’s call it 3.0). We are near the end of verifying previous functionality for the first 3.0 code-drop (let’s call it Drop 1). We will very soon get a new drop (let’s call it Drop 2). Management now wants to be able to see which tests were run against which code-drop, so I’ve added a new customization in the form of a dropdown Result Field called “Drop ID”. My idea is to populate the dropdown box with values such as “3.0 - Drop 1” and “3.0 - Drop 2” so that we can tell which results apply to which drop of code.

My question is, for test results that are already in place (Passed, Failed, etc.) that were entered BEFORE I added in the new customization field - can I just mark them ALL as “Drop 1” without having to individually re-enter results and manually set the result sot Pass or Fail or Blocked or whatever?


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting. We would usually recommend tracking sprints/iterations/drops on the test run level instead of tests/results. This way, you can easily compare drops/runs with the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab:

If you have multiple runs for a drop (e.g. if you test against multiple configurations), we recommend grouping those runs in a test plan. It’s also possible to use a result field instead but we would recommend doing this on the run/plan level instead.

Regarding setting the field: you can simply add another result (with the same status as before) and this is the easiest way to add the drop to your tests that already have a status. You can also use the bulk-add for this (one operation per status).

I hope this helps!



I don’t mind taking advice from you since you are much more knowledgeable about how the tool works best. My challenge comes in that we are not yet finished with the current test run for all the tests we defined for Drop 1. Once we receive Drop 2, the code will be put into place and we will have to complete all remaining testing on Drop 2 code. Right now we have a lot of Passed test cases, some Failed and some Blocked, and a handful of Untested/Retest. Would it make sense to rename the current test run from “Regression” to “Regression - Drop 1”, and then migrate all not-passed tests to a new test run called “Regression - Drop 2?” Would that be easy to do?


Hi Jeff,

Yes, that sounds like a good idea and this is easy to do. You can simply rename the run on the Edit form.

To start a new run for drop 2 (based on the drop 1 run), you can simply use the Rerun button and limit the selection to some statuses (e.g. untested + retest):



Excellent, thank you! I will do this. The only ‘dirty’ part of this is that my Drop 1 test run will sit there with un-run tests, but that should be OK. I can either remove all tests from the Drop 1 plan that did not get run in Drop 1, or else reset my managers’ expectations of the reports. :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Jeff, glad to hear that this helps :slight_smile: