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Is there a way for test runs not to automatically reset after X amount of time

As we are new to testrail and try to understand the logic behind it we have noticed that, the already created test runs, instead of being in the state we left them the day before they were all empty and all results changed to 0%.

Is there something we can do about it or is there a specific way to work with this?

Keeping track of the results is important.

We have been using TR for the last 4+ years and never had Runs remove any results and I just closed a bunch of Test Runs that were a couple years old and none lost their result.

If you are using the Cloud version then I would contact Gurock support directly with specific dates/times it occurs to see if they can find a cause. Gurock is big on audit trails so this would not be normal functioning.

Do you have any integration with automation tools, JIRA, or anything else like that?

just jira BGanger.
Can’t say for sure which installation type or TR.
Is it possible this behavior is related to some sort of setting ?

With the Cloud version you or your IT dept does not manually update Test Rail and there is no local database. If the install is local/server then your IT dept would update the Test Rail instance and the database would also be local.

There is no setting that I know of to reset test results of any test and breaks the reason for Test Rail.

Hi @vaios,
I’m with @BGanger, I never lost existing results in runs.
As usual TM-Tools, TestRail is designed to gurantee keeping the results. Therefore it sounds really strange.

Do you only loose values for the type result?
Or do you also loose newly created cases (or changes on existing), plans, milestones etc.?
Do you also loose results from already closed test runs?

Are you really sure, the runs you are talking about are the same like the day before, do they have the same rund id and test id’s?
Of course it is possible to delete open test runs, create new ones having the same tests assigned - now without existing results. But the id’s will differ.

Hey @kwirth ,

In an existing run that you are using , if you go and add a new test case will you see such behaviour? Meaning , will this addition cause the same run to go blank ?

Hi @vaios,
just to make clear:
I have a run (in my case usually as part of a plan) with a bigger number of tests (instances of cases) selected. Some of them maybe having results added already.

And now I add an additional case to the run.
Hopefully correct…

Of course the run doesn’t get blank. Means, the run still exists with all former tests and their results. Plus the new cases is added as well.

If not, I would have kicked TeastRail out of my business already.

But your former question was about a disappearing of content based on some time, now on a regular action?

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The time issue seems fixed (hopefully)
Just wanted to make sure that adding one TC (adding something new to the equation) won’t trigger the same ,unfortunate,effect.
At least now i am curtain that what i asked is not supposed to be happening.