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Is there a Defect Plugin for Vault/Fortress?


We use Fortress for bug tracking and I have setup the defect URLs which are working as expected. I am hoping a Fortress defect plugin exists which has yet to be included in the current (shipping) version of TestRail.



Hello Lee,

Thanks for your posting. We don’t currently have a defect plugin for Fortress/Vault for TestRail. After some research, I found some references to a web service API that could be used for this but it unfortunately 1) doesn’t seem to be documented well/at all 2) is not recommended to be used by SourceGear (they recommend their .NET client API instead which we can’t use from TestRail). So I’m not sure if a defect plugin for Fortress/Vault would be possible/feasible to implement.

Of course, you could write your own simple defect plugin that e.g. calls a command line tool on your server for their API. Such an integration would likely not work well as a general solution for shipping this with TestRail though. We have documentation about writing custom defect plugins here:



Understood. Thanks for the prompt response.