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Is there a benefit to using sub-milestones over just adding test plans to a milestone?


Currently I’m using milestones to track each sprint and sub-milestones to track each ticket or test pass to be completed that sprint. The test runs/plans are assigned to their relevant sub-milestones. Are there any benefits to doing this or would I basically get the same results by just adding all test runs/plans to the sprint milestone?



If I understand your question correctly, you should get the same results as long as you assigned each ticket to the same milestone (sprint milestone). You can then view each ticket listed under the selected milestone within the test runs tab. You can also run a report for a milestone and select the milestone you want to report on. This will then only pull the test runs / tickets associated to that milestone. When the sprint is done, you can close that milestone without having to then having to close sub milestones as these won’t be present. Doing it this way will make your life easier.

You can also set the start and end date to the milestone which we have done and is helpful for tracking purposes.

We work in an agile environment and that is how we have decided to use the Milestones.

I hope that makes sense.



Thanks for your reply. I think you’re understanding me. I’ll explain it in more detail just to make sure.

  1. I create a parent sprint milestone.
  2. I then create sub-milestones for each ticket in the sprint.
  3. Next, I create test runs/plans for each ticket in the sprint
  4. Then I assign each test run/plan to its respective sub-milestone

What my big ask is what is the benefit, in terms of reporting, of using the sub-milestones instead of just assigning all the various test runs/plans to the sprint milestone? The only real difference I see is that if you have test runs/plans that have to be run multiple times it’s nice to have them neatly packaged under their own sub-milestone as opposed to just jumbled together with all the other test runs/plans. I hope this is making sense. Also, I must be honest that I’m still learning test rail (especially the reporting bit).

Thanks again for the response.