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Is TestRail: Results section configurable in Jira user story?


We have Jira (Cloud version) and TestRail integrated. Is TestRail: Results section configurable such as displaying test runs instead of individual test cases?

Also, what are the differences between “All Tests”, “For Tests”, and “For Cases”?


Hello Mia,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail would currently always show the linked results but you can click on a result and would see the test run/plan/milestone statistics as well. “For Tests” would only show results linked via the Defects field (from the Add Result dialog), “For Cases” would show results for cases linked by the References field and “All Results” would be a combination of both.

I hope this helps!




Is it possible to display only test results from one Test Run created to test Jira ticket?
I created two Test Runs to test two tickets: Ticket 1 and Ticket 2.
Test Run 1 contained test cases A and B. Test Run 2 included test cases A and C.
Testcase A had a reference link to Ticket 1 and 2.
If to test Ticket 1, all the testcases, A and B, were passed.
If to test Ticket 2, test case A was passed and C was failed.
I opened Ticket 1 in Jira to review the results and there were displayed three results instead of two: test result A, test result A and test result B.
How can I filter to display only test results from one Test Run1 that I created to test Ticket 1?


Hello Olga,

Thanks for your reply! The TestRail for JIRA add-on would always display all related results that are linked to the JIRA ticket, and the only filter available for this currently are the ‘All’, ‘For Cases’, and ‘For Tests’ filters as mentioned by Tobias above (and this is usually recommended to see the full context of the ticket and why one test run failed and another passed). You wouldn’t currently be able to filter via specific test runs in this section, but you can click to expand each result (via the arrow button to the right of each result in the list) to see which test run it belonged to. That said, we’re happy to review additional filters for this section for a future update to TestRail. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

If I may also ask one question about the filtering on JIRA - is it possible to filter out only the failed tests, or sort the tests by status? Is there a possibility to display more than 5 results at the same time?

If for example I have 50 tests linked to one JIRA issue, then I have 10 pages of results and it’s hard to check if all tests have run successfully and which one failed.

Michał Schielmann


Hi Michal,

Thanks for your reply! It wouldn’t currently be possible to apply additional filters (aside from the ‘For Cases’ and ‘For Tests’ filters) to the Results section provided by the TestRail for JIRA add-on. That said, we’ve received this request before for the same reasons you mentioned, and I’m happy to add another vote for this feature request on your behalf. Hope this helps!