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Is providing multiple URLs possible in defect view URL?


Hi There,

Our team uses multiple bug trackers (eg: JIRA and internal bug tracker) for reporting bugs. At present TestRail allows only 1 URL to specify in the defect view which means either specify JIRA URL or our internal bug tracker URL.
Now consider I have configured by project defect view URL to JIRA and when our tester pastes defect ID of our internal bug tracker then it maps it with JIRA URL and we have to manually edit the URL in the address bar of the browser.
I was thinking of a provision where I can create one more custom Defects field such as “InternalDefect” and specify a separate defect view URL for this, whereas for JIRA I can use the existing “Defects” field and use the defect view URL for this independent of URL set for “InternalDefect”.

Please let me know if this is possible in TestRail or if this feature request is already in your roadmap?