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Is navigating the report one by one the only way to find a report?


Is there any other way that I can find a report except viewing the report one by one and then next page and then next page?
There is no “search” feature for report.

Any idea if I want to find a specific report?




Hello Alston,

Thanks for your posting! There’s currently no filter or search for reports but you can go through the pages to see all historic reports. If you know if the report was shared/private, you only need to go through the shared/private list. I also added a search/filter feature for reports to our feature request list and we will make sure to look into this for a future version.



Thanks. Please do include this in future version.


Hi Tobias,

It’s good to hear that you’ve added this to the feature request list. While at it, please also consider to add some form of a hierarchical structure to help users with navigating/ organizing reports. Might be a way to organize reports under milestones, or test plans etc. would be a good start.

Vincent Nguyen


Thanks for the idea, Vincent! Being able to see/jump to reports directly on/from the related plan/milestone/run etc. pages would be great to have.