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Is it possible to use Smart Inspect with Borland C++ Builder 6?


I would like to know if the above is supported, and if so, can you give me some tips or pointers on how to do this.
Thanks, Hugh


Hello Hugh,

we currently do not support C++Builder 6. I will look into it and check if it works. I will post the results here. This will take 1-2 days as we are testing the SmartInspect 1.1 release at the moment.

If C++Builder 6 and SmartInspect work together, we will consider adding official support in a future release.


Ok, we tried it, but encountered too many problems when compiling the Delphi library with C++Builder 6. At the moment, SmartInspect cannot be used with C++Builder.

However, we look deeper into the problems and invest more time when the next version of Delphi ships with the C++Builder successor.


Update: As of version 1.3.2, SmartInspect fully supports C++Builder (2006).