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Is it possible to undelete a test suite?


I have an intern who just accidentally deleted a test suite and wiped out months of work. If this a permanent situation, or is there any way to undelete the removed test suite?




Thanks for your posting. There’s no direct way to undo the test suite / case deletion unfortunately. You would have the following options:

  • Restore a full database backup: this would override any changes you made since taking the latest backup

  • Restore a backup on a separate machine: you could export just the test suite in question to an XML file and import the cases into your production system

  • Closed test run: if you recently closed a test run for the suite in question, you can export that run to an XML file, email us the file and we can adjust it to make it a valid import file for the test suite

I hope this helps and I look forward to your feedback. You might also want to remove the permissions to delete test suites from most of users going forward.




And do you have plans to update separate Add and Edit permissions to avoid accidental test run removal within a test plan? At the moment it looks very dangerous even without any permissions to delete, e.g.:

Test Run 6/3/2015 (Android 4.4.4)
Test Run 6/3/2015 (Android 5.0.2)
Deleting test runs cannot be undone. This also deletes all contained test results.



Hello WOland,

Thanks for your reply and your feedback. Yes, it’s already planned to look into this and I agree that this is not obvious (and can be overlooked).




Thank you Tobias, and do you have any estimates for that (at least approximate) ?



Currently we don’t have an estimate for it, as the test plan edit feature would need to change/remove runs from a plan in order to be able to save test plan changes. I understand that this is not ideal if you don’t expect this and we will definitely review this. For now it might be best not to assign test plan edit permissions to users who aren’t familiar with how test plan works and we also have plans to add another, second warning confirmation for some entities when users try to delete larger data sets.

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