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Is it possible to search for test cases that have always passed?



I’m currently evaluating TestRail as a possible replacement for our existing test management tool, so I may have a few questions in the coming days. So far, it has been a very positive experience!

Once I’ve run a suite of test cases a few times, it would be useful to be able to search for test cases that have passed every time, as I may decide to omit them from future test cycles. I’ve found that I can use the Reports > Results > Comparison for Cases to produce a table showing all of the results for all of the test cases, but I still then have to search through to see which ones have passed every time.

Is there a way to produce a list that only shows test cases that have passed every time they have been run?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Nick,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that TestRail made a good first impression! The Comparison for Cases report you already use would be a good choice although it would require reviewing the full list of tests. Another option would be to use the CSV exports (the icon with the arrow when viewing test runs/plans/milestones). The export would all tests and by using an external tool (such as Excel), you can quickly group the tests by case ID and then find those cases that have only Passed results.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the quick reply, Tobias. I’ll give the Excel solution a try.




You are welcome, Nick, and just let me know in case any questions come up.

Have a good week!