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Is it possible to reorder Add Result right panel items?

I’m getting ready for users to do some functional testing and I’m putting together instructions on using TestRail. One thing that would be easier for them would be if I could change the order of fields in the right panel. I have a couple custom fields I’d like them to enter first. I see that the left side has options to move them up or down, but the right side fields do not. :frowning:

Hi Sande,

Under the Results Fields section of Administration >> Customization. Only the first three system fields are stuck at the top. All other result fields can be sorted vertically. Left or right location is dictated by field type.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. It appears that anything selected for the Right side of the testing results window is unable to be moved up or down. I
added a custom field there and it can’t be moved. Its ok, I’ve just given more detailed instructions to the users on which order I’d like them to enter the information. Thank you!

***Sande Albright,***OPMA

Testing & Reporting Anaylst

Information Technology

Oregon Department of Forestry