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Is it possible to reference existing cases from inside Jira?

Our teams want to add links from inside Jira to existing TestRail cases. Is that possible? It looks like you can only add new cases.

If it’s not possible via the plugin as-is, is there a programmatic workaround such as creating the links from a 3rd party app via the API?

edit - I’ve since learned that we can link going the other way but it would be too much of a chore I think which has me questioning my own teams about the value of linking one-off tests.

I also have to wonder, why not support the linking of TestRuns to a Jira User Stories and then list all associated tests. In that manner, micro linking of tests can be avoided. You could add an “Add Test Run” button to the Jira plugin that could easily iterate through all associated tests and display them. Seem like it could be a trivial update.

Hi Alex,

The easiest way to link your test cases in TestRail to Jira entities would be using the TestRail for Jira add-on. This would allow you to enter the Jira ID into your test cases’ References fields. With the IDs entered into test cases in TestRail, the links to these cases (along with related test results) will appear inside the add-on in Jira.

You can also link bug reports, defects, and other issues to test results via the Defects field when adding or editing test results.

You can also add any links to Jira entities directly via any method which works for your team. How you manage additional links without the add-on is ultimately up to your team.

In regards to linking Test Runs to Jira entities, we do have a feature request for this additional functionality and we are reviewing this for a future release of TestRail. I will add your vote to this feature request to help with prioritization. That being said, I do not have a timeframe or ETA for this feature just yet.


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Jon, thanks for the response. Are you a gurock employee?

Hi Alex,

Yes, I am a Gurock employee. Our support team actively monitors the forum.

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