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Is it possible to organize Test Runs in a plan?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me with this issue.
Currently I have a created a test plan that has over 30 runs inside of it. Due to the sheer amount of things we need to test, we were hoping to be able to create a folder structure to categorize the runs in the plan, and keep them neatly organized (Just like the Folder structure inside the test suites).

Does anyone know if there is such an option to do this?

Thank you!


You can change the order that the test runs are displayed so you can group them together like that.


Hi Donalaya,

We initially started by doing this, but this becomes rather cumbersome after a while, specially if I have to add more runs to my plan. With over 30 runs on the plan, its not ideal for me to add something at the bottom and then click on the arrow to bring it all the way up.


I have the same problem with lots of TestRuns in our TestPlan. It is really annoying to add another TestRun to the TestPlan and it always be at the bottom of the TestPlan.

Even a “Sort Alphabetically” button would be appreciated. :slight_smile: