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Is it possible to "Modify" the test run created by a test suite with configuration?



I have created some test run based on a test suite and configuration utilization. All the newly created test run have the same tests assigned to them as expected. Meanwhile, I am trying to see if it would be possible to add some test case to some of the test run and cannot find a way.

Here is what I have so far:

By default all the test run will have the 162 test case selected “above”, which is perfect. But I cannot find a way to include few extra tests inside of the “Windows 7” test run, other then taking the option “Select” which consist in recreating completely the test run from scratch.

I think (or wish) that the default behavior by clicking “select” next to the “Windows 7” test run should pre-select the list of test cases that were part of the initial configuration from which we could then add/remove test cases. But I receive a blank selection and need to remember what was originally part of the plan.

Am I missing a step to do what I would like to accomplish quickly, or is this expected behavior considered as a new feature?




Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your posting! You can use “select” to override the selection per configuration but this currently does not automatically initialize the Select Cases dialog with the other selection (the 162 cases in your example). This was brought up by two other customers last week as well and will be reviewed again for a future version, happy to add your vote to this feature request.



Hi there from 2018 :slight_smile:
Is it possible you guys could add this feature?
We really need it, especially when we have platform-specific test cases. We want to be able to do this:

  1. Create test plan for a broad variety of cases across multiple platforms (configurations)
  2. For each platform, remove test cases, specific to other platforms

We use tags to specify platform-specific cases, so it would be easy to remove.
But the thing is before removing, we’d need to first select all the cases cherry picked in #1, for each specific platform in step #2.

Right now, after “As above” we have options “select” and “all”.
We need one more option (call it “select as above”, for example), which would pre-select all “as above” test cases within this configuration test run.


I agree with @stansult , we want to do exactly the same thing. Pre-selection with configurations is pretty important for us too.

@tgurock can we imagine to do that with an UI script as a temporary solution ?