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Is it possible to manage the usage of testrail project wise?

Hi Team
Is it possible to manage the usage of testrail project wise?
As some projects might not using Testrail though they onboard

Hi @babrames,

did you check this:

Projects can be closed if they are not used anymore or used in TR.

Hello @babrames,

You can customize the project visibility for your users. You can do this by heading to Administration > Projects, then clicking on the project they’re attempting to work in. When on the edit project page, head to the “Access” tab, then locate that user’s account and check the far right column for any project-specific values. Note, if it is set to Global Role or the - they will have their normal default permissions in that project. If that all appears correct, check at the bottom for any project-specific group permissions, and note any that might be affecting that particular user. If there are any groups that would affect the user there, you can either modify the group to remove that user, change the group permissions, or set project-level permissions for that user, which should supersede the group privileges. More information is provided here.