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Is it possible to maintain different version of test case


Is it possible to maintain different versions of test case? Lets say i have modified a test case and i can see that in the history, is it possible to chose one of them? or is it always the latest one we have to use?

See the below image

At a point if i decide to go with first updated steps , is it possible?


Hello Vipin,

Thanks for your post! Currently, TestRail would just use the latest version of the test case for all active test runs, and you wouldn’t be able to use a previous version of the test case. So any edit you make to a test case would be propagated to all active test runs where the case is included. As an alternative, if you often test multiple versions of test cases in parallel, you could look into using TestRail’s baselines project mode which was designed to allow testing against multiple versions/branches of a test case/suite in parallel. You can learn more about this on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Thanks, let me try this