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Is it possible to link TestRail to many Assembla backlogs?

Hi all !

I use Assembla as ticketing tool and Testrail as testing tool.
I know we can link TestRail with Assembla, thing I done.

But, I use 5 differents backlogs on Assembla and I want to know if I can had a “multi-connection” between TestRail and Assembla ?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Hi Céline,

Thanks for the post! TestRail’s integration with Assembla would connect to a single Assembla Space. If you have your TestRail projects separated by space, you could integrate each TestRail project with a separate Assembla Space, as each project in TestRail can be integrated individually to separate spaces, or even tools as needed.

Hope this helps,

Hi @jon.reynolds

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
Effectively, I create many projects in TestRail but all are linked with the same Assembla Space.
Maybe I should integrate each project individually in each assembla space rather integrate one space in TestRail ?


Hi Céline,

Thanks for the additional details! If you are using a single Assembla space, you can set your integration under Administration > Integration and would not need to do this on an individual project level, unless there are specific projects you do not want linked to Assembla.

If a project does not have its own integration configured, it will use the integration set up for your entire instance in the Administration panel.


Hi @jon.reynolds

Thanks for you answer.

I did some tests to linked Assembla and TestRail:

1- In TestRail, I create the link from administration > integration.
But I can lined only one space assembla for all projects on testrail.

2- In Assembla, I create a link from integration with the desired project in TestRail.
I found the TestRail tab in Assembla tickets. But in the TestRail project, I found the assembla space linked in the point 1).
If I delete the link from TestRail, I can’t anymore found the assembla space.

Finaly, I manage to link each Assembla space to each TestRail project but in TestRail I didn’t found the link.

Sorry if it’s not very clear ^^’


Hi Céline,

As Jon had mentioned above, to integration with multiple spaces in assembla. You would need to setup the integration at the project level. one TestRail project per Assembla space. To do this go to Administration >> Projects. Then click the pencil icon for the desired project to open the “Edit Project” page. From here navigate to the Defects and References tab to make the integration.

I’m not quite clear about your second question. Feel free to include some supporting screenshots. If this contains private information or if you need more detailed troubleshooting, consider emailing your request to instead.