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Is it possible to have an extra column(stepnotes) in Case field of type(Steps)


Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to have an extra column in Steps and how.
So Now i have a case field Steps(Type->Steps). This has two columns step and expected results. I want an additional column( step notes). Just want to know if that’s possible.


Hi @kukrani,

Thanks for your posting. The steps field supports two fields on the case level (steps & expected result) and the step results support a third one (actual result). We would recommend storing step details, notes and descriptions in the step field as part of the cases. This supportsTestRail’s rich-text format so you can use lists, tables etc.:



That’s great. Actual result is the one i was looking for. Thanks for the response.


You are welcome, great to hear this helps :slight_smile: You can find the actual result field on the Add Result dialog when adding results:



Hi, thanks i found the field.
My next question is can the test results be imported ?. So i wanted the status , actual result and all other stuff for a run to be imported


While there’s no direct import via CSV or XML, you can import test results and runs via TestRail’s API:

We wouldn’t usually recommend importing results and runs from previous systems and just migrate the projects & cases. If you need access to old test results, it can make sense to keep the old system as an archive for a while and this approach is often used by customers.