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Is it possible to deny "Assign to"-Buttons for Role Tester?


Hello all,

I have run into this problem a few times now, and I was hoping there is a solution to it, that I haven’t found out: Maybe you can help me out:

I usually plan the larger Testruns assigning several hundred Testcases to a team of 10+ Testers. They would work on their Testcases only. Now it has happened that a Tester accidentally clicked to “Assign to -> Me” Button on top of the Testcase list, because they wanted to filter the Testcases instead to show up only their Testcases.
The result was a very bad situation: All the Testcases were assigned to a single Person, the other Testers were not able to continue working on their share, and it took interruption and extra time to re-assign all the Testcases back to the original scenario.
I know, they should be able to read the difference between “assign” and “filter”, but apparently, its easy to do that mistake.
My question then is: Is it possible to deny the Role “Testers” the use of that “Assign-Button”?

How to Stop Testers assigning tests?

Hi Lars,

Thanks for your posting. The permissions to assign tests is linked to the feature of adding results & comments, so TR doesn’t differentiate between these two. So, if a user can add results, he/she can also change the test assignments and this is often needed in situations when testers assign tests themselves from the “queue” (remaining unassigned tests). I understand that the Assign to -> Me action can be a bit misleading and we will think about ways to improve this to avoid such situations in the future.



Plus one for adding a feature to deny this feature from UAT testers who may not be as computer savy and like to “filter”


We need this feature as well. Testers shouldn’t re-assign test cases without permission from Test Manager. Thus, re-assignment of test cases must be reserved to Test Manager/Test Lead.