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Is it possible to deny "Assign to"-Buttons for Role Tester?


Hello all,

I have run into this problem a few times now, and I was hoping there is a solution to it, that I haven’t found out: Maybe you can help me out:

I usually plan the larger Testruns assigning several hundred Testcases to a team of 10+ Testers. They would work on their Testcases only. Now it has happened that a Tester accidentally clicked to “Assign to -> Me” Button on top of the Testcase list, because they wanted to filter the Testcases instead to show up only their Testcases.
The result was a very bad situation: All the Testcases were assigned to a single Person, the other Testers were not able to continue working on their share, and it took interruption and extra time to re-assign all the Testcases back to the original scenario.
I know, they should be able to read the difference between “assign” and “filter”, but apparently, its easy to do that mistake.
My question then is: Is it possible to deny the Role “Testers” the use of that “Assign-Button”?

How to Stop Testers assigning tests?

Hi Lars,

Thanks for your posting. The permissions to assign tests is linked to the feature of adding results & comments, so TR doesn’t differentiate between these two. So, if a user can add results, he/she can also change the test assignments and this is often needed in situations when testers assign tests themselves from the “queue” (remaining unassigned tests). I understand that the Assign to -> Me action can be a bit misleading and we will think about ways to improve this to avoid such situations in the future.



Plus one for adding a feature to deny this feature from UAT testers who may not be as computer savy and like to “filter”


We need this feature as well. Testers shouldn’t re-assign test cases without permission from Test Manager. Thus, re-assignment of test cases must be reserved to Test Manager/Test Lead.


Same here, is there any update available on this?


No plan on changing the current behaviour? It’s really bad for management if everyone can change every assignment without approval.


Hi Gavril,

We do have plans to review adding greater flexibility when it comes to access/permissions for a future TestRail update, including access to the ‘Assign To’ button. I have added your vote to this feature request to help us prioritize this, however I wouldn’t be able to provide an ETA on additional permission settings at this time.



I have solved this by using a UI script workaround. I guess the issue is more that it’s too easy to bulk changes. For example, JIRA need several screen and action to do bulk changes. Thanks for the reply anyway.