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Is it possible to create TestRuns with basic configuration data?

I need to pass in a templateId to our automation service but I see no way to provide this information for TestRuns. I know it’s provided at the TestPlan level and used as a TestRun multiplier but I need something for a single TestRun as well.

Anyway to do that outside of humans having to enter in the configuration data manually in the title or description (assuming I can get at that through API)?

Assuming not here’s one idea:

Perhaps you can add the configuration dialog to TestRuns but instead of multiplying the TestRuns it can build up a delimited string of tags based of the selected configuration options. This field shows up on the TestRun but doesn’t get used for anything except for historic reference although automation services can take advantage. Users could be given the option to apply the tags to the title as well if not the default option.

edit - Could be as simple as adding a textbox to the TestRun configuration page that lets us save whatever string value we want so that it’s accessible via .Config.