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Is it possible to compare the Cases from multiple test suite?



I am using multiple test suites which has approx of 1K cases, I would like to compare those 1000 cases from different test suites with previous test runs which is signed off.

I tried using Comparison for cases , but i were able to compare only very few cases limited between 50-70 i guess, also i was able to select only one test suite to compare between multiple previous test runs.

Is there any other way that would help on this scenario?



Hi Gopinath,

Thank you for your post. The Comparison for Cases report is a good report to run. It does in fact allow you to select multiple test runs as well as display several different numbers of test runs including all test runs and several different numbers of test cases including 1000, 2500, and all test cases.

I would recommend taking a look at the Comparison for Cases report again and see if these additional options help you get the data you are looking for.


Hi Martylavender,
Where can i get this Sections & Test Runs? I am seeing only Test suites & Runs available in Comparison for cases under Reports ?
Do i need to enable anything in the settings?


What version of Test Rail are you on? Be sure you are looking at the same report as well. The reports that TR has are all the same for the same version. Comparison for Cases is under the Results report listing. From within the Project go to the Reports tab and don’t get the report from the Test Run and Results tab.


Hello Gopinath,

Thanks for your reply! It looks as though you’re using the multiple test suite project mode which would require that you choose a test suite first, and you wouldn’t be able to compare test cases across multiple test suites with the Comparison for Cases report. We generally recommend using the single test case repository project mode as this would allow for easier navigation/reporting throughout your project. Otherwise if you plan to continue using multiple test suites then you would have to generate separate reports for each suite. Hope this helps!