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Is it possible to assign a beta tester a test suite without visibility to other suites



I’m looking into providing a test run to a third party Beta/UAT tester and do not believe they should have full run of the suites

I was wondering if it is possible to give a specific user access to only a single test suite/run.

OR… Would I have to create a new project and copy over relevant test cases? An grant them specific permission to only be able to view that project.

Many thanks in Advance!


Yes you can give specific user to access only certain project. If i am correct you cant set the permissions to test-suite level.

So copy cases to new project and give specific users to access there but you need to make sure all your projects default access is set to NO ACCESS


Very cool, thank you!

Ideally, I would like it to be a “private run” within the same project, but the numbers would be easy enough to combine since it wouldn’t be a common thing across all projects.