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Is it possible to add other Jira input to push?


Hi all,

While working with testrail and its push-function, we felt the need to be able to instantly add an issue to a sprint in Jira. Is it possible to do this using push? Also, adding a fix version next to affects version would be great.

So far we could not find this in the settings…

If anyone knows if, and if so, how, this is done, please let me know!

Kind regards,


Yes, it’s possible, because you can create any type of JIRA issue in the push dialog, whether it be Bug, Story, Task, etc. However, I believe the only place the “Push” link shows up is when adding a test result.

The TestRail Integration page describes how to add fields to the push dialog, but the short version is to change “fix_version=off” to “fix_version=on” in the [push.fields] section (or add the line if it’s not there), like so:


The link above has more details.


Hi Annemarie,

Thanks for your posting. I believe it’s currently not possible to add a new issue directly to a sprint because the Sprint field cannot be set via JIRA’s API I believe. My latest knowledge is that the JIRA/Atlassian team is working on this and we will also support this with a future version then.

Regarding the fix version field: yes, this is possible and you can simply enable this in the integration options as Don mentioned (thanks, Don!):



Hi Don and Tobias,
Thanks for your (fast) replies. Too bad the sprint can not (yet) be added. I will add fix version to the push settings :smile:



Hi Annemarie,

You are welcome, sounds good! :slight_smile: Please let us know in case you have any further questions and have a great weekend.