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Is it posible to use a single case Id for different suites in different projects?


We have several projects with some number of test suites (parameter “Use multiple test suites to manage cases” is chosen for each project). And there are test cases which are duplicated between suites from different projects.

How can we solve an issue with duplication?


the case ids are all unique. If you copy cases to new suites then it is a new case with a new, unique test case and independent from each other.

You can reference cases by using the [C123] to reference Test Case 123. This referencing can be done in just about any field in a test case.

If you want to keep the multiple suites then to can make a suite to be the main repository of the test cases. In the new suite, create a case that in each step has a reference to each test case using the [C123] referencing. This would work well as long as the “shared” tests do not change.

Or create only one suite and use test runs and milestones/configurations to cover the tests.

Another possibility - 1 suite to be a repository of shared tests, reference the shared tests as noted already, and any other tests that can’t be shared can get their own suite.


Thank you for answer!

Ok, for example I will use referencing from test case A1 in suite S of project A to test case B1, which is created in project B.
And then I will create test run in project A for suite S.
What value I will get when I call endpoint and check case_id parameter for received test object (

I would be happy to get case Id of test case B1 :smiley:


Hey Molinero,

In this case, if you are querying against Project A you would get back information pertaining only to information housed in Project A. TestRail would not include the information housed under Project B.